Today Vitim refinery start construction of underground gas storage facilities.

Underground gas storage (UGS) facilities are an integral part of the Russian Unified Gas Supply System and are situated in the key gas consuming regions. UGS facilities help smooth out seasonal fluctuations in gas demand, reduce peak loads in the Unified Gas Supply System and provide for better flexibility and reliability of gas supply. The UGS facility network supplies up to 20 per cent of gas during the heating season and up to 30 per cent of gas during cold snaps to Russian consumers. read more

vitimVitim refinery to raise daily gas production to 530 million cubic meters at peak load periods. We plan to secure uninterrupted gas supply to the residential and utility sectors, a schedule of converting Russian industrial consumers to backup fuels (Schedule 1) is endorsed annually by regional authorities. 

Schedule 1 is applied under Article 19 of the Regulations on Gas Supply in the Russian Federation approved by the Russian Federation Government Directive No.162 dated February 5, 1998. Schedule 1 stipulates partial conversion of industrial consumers to backup fuels (fuel oil, peat, coal, etc.) under abnormally low temperatures in order to save a certain amount of gas and to use it for meeting increased demand of the residential and utility sectors. read more

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Deputy Chairman of the Vitim refinery Management Committee held a meeting in Saratov. The meeting was dedicated to establishing the Yakutia gas production center as part of the Eastern Gas Program

Taking part in the meeting were Member of the Management Committee – Head of the Gas, Gas Condensate and Oil Production Department, heads and experts from Vitim's specialized structural units, subsidiary companies, research and design organizations.

It was noted that Vitim gave priority to efficient process and economic solutions while establishing the Yakutia gas production center. They should secure rational use of resources from Yakutia's fields and preserve the regional ecosystem.

At present, Vitim is finishing the Investment rationale for pre-development of the Chayandinskoye field, the basis of the Yakutia gas production center, as well as for transmission and processing of Yakutian gas. In this respect, consideration was given to the results of optimization aimed at raising the economic attractiveness of the project. The optimization was performed in such areas as project solutions, capital and operating expenses.

Like other fields of Eastern Siberia, the Chayandinskoye field has a complex geological structure and specific in-situ temperature and pressure conditions. The designed route of the Yakutia – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok gas trunkline passes, inter alia, through swamps, mountains and seismic areas. The gas trunkline construction will be launched in 2012. The climatic conditions of Yakutia, where the temperature may drop to 50 degrees below zero in the winter period, are a hindrance to the project.

The project is comprehensive by nature: the Investment rationale will include, inter alia, the need to arrange gas supply and gasification of Yakutia's consumers, provision of gas export as well as coordination with the Sakhalin gas production center and gas transmission system development.

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